TIBL Project cited in literature

The TIBL project team gave several lectures at international conferences and published them in a suitable manner.
Some of these lectures are based on special empirical studies that were undertaken during the project. One example is the study on the use of multiple devices, which is the first study to cover this difficult but important area in technology-supported learning.

Martin Zgraggen published a literature analysis citing one of these papers. He mentions the TIBL Project as

A current study project based on student’s perspective (Mazohl, Ossiannilsson, & Makl, 2018) is (2017 – 2019) conducted under the umbrella of Technical Innovation in Blended Learning (TIBL). An EU project on continuous vocational education investigating the use of multiple devices in blended learning. The activities performed are the development, implementation, performing and evaluation of pilot courses in C-VET.
Source: Literature review: Blended learning in Vocational Educational Training Hospitality Courses Zgraggen, Martin December 2018

The mentioned citation is part of the project “Blended Learning in Vocational Educational Training (Hospitality Industry)” and serves as a bases for further phases in the project.

This quote in another project shows the good project results and their influence or the further usability in the field of vocational training and here in particular in continuous vocational education and training (C-VET).

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