Elenco di controllo per l'implementazione del corso

This interactive Checklist can be used to find out about the implementation quality of your course.


Course Implementation Self-Evaluation

Statement strongly agree agree disagree strongly disagree not applicable
The setup for the onsite teaching has been done comprehensively and in time.
All used materials are available (in the necessary quality) before the course.
All organizational and preparation issues to perform the course have been done and terminated.
The course material delivered by the learning platform is completely available.
The trainer staff performing the course has been selected properly and well-fitting to the challenges of the course.
All trainers are well-experienced and educated to the essential tasks in the course.
Infrastructure has been checked and works properly.
Maintenance staff is available for technical troubleshooting.
Maintenance staff for open training issues is available.

Disclaimer:The use of E-xcellence quality associates label in this context has been done with the agreement and consent of the EADTU (European Association of Distance Teaching Universities).
In case of any adaption of the benchmarks suiting the context is in comments below the original benchmark The original framework is available from https://e-xcellence.eadtu.eu/