Multiplier Event Wiener Neustadt

The Austrian Multiplier Event took place in the Hotel Zentral (in Wiener Neustadt, Austria), on September 30, 2019 and was attended by approximatly 35 interested people. The inhomogenious audience was build from people coming from vocational schools, from the WiFi (Training Institute of the Chamber of Commerce), representatives of companies and SMEs, teachers from schools, and representatives of big adult education organisations.

The keynote speaker, Univ.Prof. Felix Breitenecker (from the University of Technology, Vienna) gave an introduction to the project. Harald Makl and Peter Mazohl (from the EFQBL) presented the project and the results with the specific focus on

  • The developed pedagogical framework
  • The quality enhancement framework
  • The use of multiple devices, and
  • The Toolbox

Here is an image album of the successful event!

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