Reunion Rome

The third meeting of the project group took place in Rome at DigiLab from March 15 to March 16.

The development of the MOOC was the primary topic. The concept of the MOOC was presented and agreed by the partners, the working plan (including all necessary steps like the content creation, the collaborative reviewing, creation of multimedia content and the technical aspects of the various created units including the process of translation).

Additional topics were the of performed pilot courses, decisions for possible amendments, impact to and transfer for the trainer’s toolbox. A discussion and the clearing of open issues for the trainer’s toolbox and the MOOC (pedagogical, technical and content related items) has been done as well as clearing of open issues for the transferability guide. The agreement for the design (ePub 3.0 with a PDF version), content, and the impact to different educational fields has been done.
The typically organisational items like progress check and financial report have been performed as well.