Regular meetings

There are four regular meetings foreseen during the project’s lifetime.

  1. Kickoff Meeting
    Venue: Austria (Wiener Neustadt)
  2. Course implementation
    Venue: Sweden (Lund)
  3. Trainers Toolbox
    Venue: Italy (Rome)
  4. Project closing
    Venue: Portugal (Aveiro)

More information about the meetings is available from the descriptions of the meetings.

Non-Formal visits

Additional, non-formal bi-lateral visits have been done. This occurred from the situation, that Peter Mazohl and Ebba Ossiannilsson were attending international conferences to present their current research work. By these occasions, they met single partners. So, Peter Mazohl (EFQBL) met Carlos Guerrero (SAFA) twice in Seville, Ebba Ossiannilsson (SADE) and Peter Mazohl met Luca Reitano (DigiLab) in Rome. These non-formal meetings have been used to discuss open issues of the project face to face.