Course Evaluation: Information Self-evaluation

The comprehensive information about all course issues done before the course starts (or – latest – at the kickoff of the course) is essential for well-organised training. Here you can perform a self-evaluation to find out about your course preparation.

Statement strongly agree agree disagree strongly disagree not applicable
Visual presentation of the course (overview, time needed, specific course dates, resources) is available for all trainees at the course start.
Learning outcomes are available (in terms of competences as usual in Europe) and published in a comprehensive way latest at the course start.
A stringent and comprehensive description of grading (course evaluation and/or recognition) is available
The used assessment methods are explained explicitly and comprehensively.
Comprehensive information about the course platform is available for trainees. An appropriate training for trainees dealing with the use of platform is foreseen.
Instructions to trainees for all situations in the course are available (for example how “late work” exceeding the deadline is handled and evaluated).
Communication instructions, contact information and support information are given to the trainees at the begin of the course.
Other relevant guidelines are available, published in time and easy-to-access.