Transferability and Evaluation Guide

The transferability and evaluation guide is a supporting document for the target group and stakeholders on how to use and take maximum advantage of the developed and proven courses and the learning materials produced by the project.

It is a set of interactive documents integrating descriptive multimedia material (an enhanced eBook).

The guide supports the correct implementation and evaluation of the training material and tools created. It offers   it proposals and guides to transfer the created Blended Learning courses in an efficiently and stringently defined way as well.

This Intellectual Output provides detailed information, description and practical advice on how the created project results can be transferred from the specific countries (or specific pilot test group) to other Educational fields as well to other European countries.
The transfer guide provides all tools and information for effective further use of the project results also for other enterprises and organisations in the field of C-VET. Additional, the transfer guide contains all material and the necessary documentation for a transfer of the training to other educational fields, for example in Adult Education, School Education, and partly to Higher Education.

Here you can read the guide online: Transferability & Evaluation Guide
Read the ePub (Maybe you need a plugin in your browser)