Project results

The project developes C-VET training courses for training performed in formal and in non-formal C-VET education. These courses use Blended Learning as a technology enhanced method and focus on the use of multiple devices (as used by the trainees an everyday life). The innovation is the implementation of a trainee-focusing pedagogical framework based on heutagogy, the development of an all-encompassing quality enhancement framework (including also the pedagogy) and the approach to the diversity of various technical equipment (the multiple devices). The project is complementary to a Grundvig Multilateral project by transferring the theoretical developed outputs to a practical implementation in a different (but similar) educational sector.

The used methodology starts from the existing needs analyses and the done study about the technical background. In a wellplanned cooperation and experience exchange process the pedagogical framework is created (based on heutagogy) and the concepts of the Blended Learning courses. Supervised pilot courses (in a SME in Austria and C-VET courses in Spain) are used for
evaluation of the findings and processed for necessary amendment. The gained experience is compiled to the two trainer aids (Trainer’s Toolbox and MOOC). The transferability guide is created from the training experience by using the education field specific competences of the partners.

The four products are special pilot courses fitting to the needs of the two training institutions SAFA and EFQBL using the tools described above, the new developed (web-based) software tool “Trainer’s Toolbox”, a trainers training course (implemented as a MOOC on a Moodle server) and the transferability guide.