Interactive Checklist: Display of content

Course: Display of Content (Self-Evaluation)

This checklists focuses on technical and legal issues in context with the display of content. Technically spoken, the course content will be delivered by the Moodle server in pure HTML 5, CSS3 and JavaScript (so there will not occur problems). Besides that, other issues in context with the delivery and display of content should be taken into account

Statement strongly agree agree disagree strongly disagree not applicable
Copyright violation is checked and avoided.
OERs are adapted (and – if necessary – translated) in an appropriate way.
Commonly used structures are implemented (heading, formatting, …) and used stringently.
The naming of modules/chapters is  clear and consistent.
Larger units (chapters, modules) start with an overview/introduction.
All external content is included in the course or may be accessed easily through the course.
Lessons include at least one of three forms of interaction: Student-Student. Student-Teacher, and Student-Content interaction.
General discussion are using appropriate means (eg. Moodle forums).
Videos and other multimedia stuff have been tested with the equipment recommanded for learners (trainees)