Consultations in Seville

Carlos Guerrero (SAFA) and Peter Mazohl (EFQBL) met to consultations in Seville in November 2018. The agenda focused on the development of the MOC and the trainers‘ toolbox.

eXe-Learning – a tool developed for learning platforms – will be used in the TIBL Project

The open issues were the translation of the MOOC content as well as the pre-decision for a technical tool to create the content of the MOOC.

The product finally selected was eXe-Learning. eXe-Learning is a free software tool under GPL-2 that can be used to create educational interactive web contents in XHTML or HTML5 format. It allows to create easily navigable web pages including text, images, interactive activities (created for example in H5P), image galleries or multimedia clips. All the educational materials generated with eXe-Learning can be exported in different digital formats, to be used independently or to integrate them into a LMS (Learning Management System) like Moodle.

eXe-Learning will be used to provide the content in each chapter.

The chapter structure is developed using the same pattern with an introduction, the pre-information, the content, and a self-evaluation unit. This pattern follows he TIBL-training concept as developed in the project.


Technical background

eXe-Learning id developed in Python, a web-based programming language. The development tool runs in any modern web browser and offers a rich toolbox of activities.

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