Meeting & Consultations in Rome

Meeting Rome 2018

Peter Mazohl (EFQBL), Ebba Ossiannielsson (SADE) and Luca Reitano (DigiLab) in the coffee break during the meeting and consultations in Rome (10/2018)

Peter Mazohl, Harald Makl (EFQBL), Ebba Ossiannielsson (SADE) and Luca Reitano (DigiLab) met to consultations in October 2018 in Rome. The discussed topics covered the development of documents and chapters for the MOOC as well as the creation of content for the “Trainers’ Toolbox”. Besides this, the publishing of the multiple device report (as a scientific paper) was discussed.

Another item was the planning and the start of the preparation work for the next meeting, which will take place in March in Rome at DigiLab.

In this meeting the developed materials will be reviewed finally and fixed.

DigiLab Rome, part of the University La Sapienza, is established in the refurbished building of an ald glas and mirror factory.

Currently, the partners are developing the MOOC (for the trainers’ training) and specific items for the toolbox. The EFQBL is working on the introduction videos and has just finished the first successful tryouts.



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