TIBL presented at the EDEN Conference 2018 (Genoa)

Ebba Ossiannilsson presented the project at the annual EDEN conference in Genoa. She used the opportunity to refer to the project – which started in October 2017 – as well as to the achieved results.

The interest and the feedback of the audience showed the importance of the project and the need of appropriate and ready-to-use support of trainers.

Achieved results

The project focuses on continuous vocational education and training (C-VET). In the project special courses using multiple devices will be developed. For these courses a specific training framework (covering the pedagogical aspects) has been developed.

Other used frameworks are the DigiComp 2.0 Framework for Citizens (developed by the JRE of the European Commission) and the e-Xellence framwork (for course developing, created by the European Association of Distance Teaching Universities EADTU).

Currently, the course with the umbrella organisation of the Sakralenergetiker (in Austria, with assistence of the Austrian partner EFQBL) is developed and the first implementation of content are done.

Future aspects

The next step in the project is the development of a MOOC which assista trainers in the course creating. Additional, a toolbox for the trainers containing a specific list of tools is in development.


About the EDEN Conference

The Conference programme includes plenaries, parallel sessions with paper presentations, workshops, trainings, moderated poster and demo sessions and the synergy strand, ensuring digital interactivity and cooperation on the social web.

The event started on Sunday afternoon on 17 June, with registration, followed by the Welcome Reception and ended with a Farewell Coffee on 20 June.

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